Adam Sah

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 since 1994

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Name/Email.... Adam Sah   asah(at)    
               "people who like sausage and software shouldn't watch either one being made."

Professional.. serial startup entrepreneur [free advice], old school hacker
Current gigs.. Buyer's Best Friend, playing landlord
Previous Gigs. All for Good, Google Gadgets, SenSage/Addamark, iPIX/,
               Cohera, Inktomi (my role), Ovid/CDPlus
Interests..... web applications, databases, programming languages, 24x7 ops
Publications.. Log Management System (LMS), patents/pending, Wired 1.06, Tcl compiler
Favorite Tech. linux since'94, putty, postgres

Hobbies....... Victorian restoration, films, music, places; my art (older)
Writing....... The World Series of Poker, Chess and My Dad, Memories, 2:13am
               Summer Poems, The 6:01 Commute, A Fish Out of Water
Travel........ green tortoise, home exchanges

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